SRB Power provide high quality customised AMC solutions based on the client’s needs. services handled and executed by professional experts,SRB power offer the various engineering,Operation and management services,

Breakdown Maintenance Services,Preventive Maintenance Services,Customised handling Maintenance Services,Maximise the energy generation from the solar plant, Account for the unique needs of every customer, Deliver the best ROI for customer through smooth operations, Preventive and predictive maintenance of all civil, electrical and mechanical components ensures optimised plant yield and return on investment,Regular energy production & performance audits with updated metering tools as well as risk assessment and precautions updates help extend your asset life,Quick response to production-impacting events helps safely resolve issues before they impact your revenue and profitability.Panels cleaning at defined intervals,Clearing vegetation,shading from nearby trees, plants etc,Electrical checks, loose connections (thermal imaging), string current, voltage,Calibration of Sensors,SCADA, Monitoring system,Checking Inverter, functionality & diagnosing abnormal behaviour in the power plant,Alarm handling with response time of 48 hrs. Notifying errors.Notifying manufacturing faults, Management of repairs/upgrades,Fortnightly reporting.Warranty claim assistance,Spares like MC4 connectors, fuses, electrical, inverter to be provided by us, Optimisation solar panel yield at your plant, Maximising generation with maximum plant up-time,Periodic maintenance of all civil, electrical and mechanical components,Updates on risk assessment and precautions to be taken regular energy production & performance audits,Service support within 48 hours(Corrective, reactive, ad-hoc maintenance) Condition based maintenance(for challenging sites),Failure mode analysis and risk assessment