Renewable Energy

SRB POWER is an fastest growing power consulting organisation providing services for Renewable energy,Power supply equipment,Industrial automation and instrumentation, Transmission lines,Railway, Metro and electrical Investigations.

Our Brief
SRB Power is known for its global, distinguished and integrated range of skills and expertise and is a trusted name for delivering engineering excellence in the field of Power sector.
Our team has an extensive experience in all sectors of Power and instrumentation development covering Renewable energy,Power supply equipment,Industrial automation and instrumentation, Transmission lines,Railway, Metro and electrical Investigations, Inspection Services etc. SRB Power has built itself a unique reputation of being a value adding partner to its clients. Our contribution to major Power projects have consolidated this reputation and established partnership with various key local and global associates.

SRB Power takes great interest in developing a satisfactory and long-lasting relationship with all its clients. Our priority is to excel for the benefit of our clients, through a focus on quality. We put the right people with the right skills on the right project – and this is how our over 100+ professionals working on various projects are responsible in establishing SRB Power as most promising organisation of the country.

A number of successfully delivered projects speaks about the strength and success of the operations at SRB Power.

We believe in establishing a healthy and long-lasting relationship with our clients. We are committed to excel for the benefits of our clients with a firm focus on quality by adapting to changing times or through sustainable development.

Now, fastest growing SRB Power is an agile company. Having worked for hundreds of projects, we are now much more confident and a much stronger group of experts than ever before. We are delivering smart solutions for our clients and providing the innovation and insight that comes from a proud legacy of our history

Electrical & Electronics

Global Recruitment Consultancy
The Indian Electrical Equipment Industry is witnessing a turnaround because of demand from sectors such as power, textiles, and cement. The Indian Electronics Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India, driven by growth in key sectors such as Green energy,IT, consumer electronics and telecom. There is a pool of highly qualified and skilled engineers, which has attracted many multinational companies to set up their R&D centers in the country. The talent pool is primarily concentrated in a few metros, hence relocating them to small towns is difficult. High attrition rate due to small pool of talent available for both manufacturers and machine sellers is another reason for the shortage of skilled hands.

We help clients with the recruitment as well as development of talent and people management practices. We have a proven track record in identifying top and middle management candidates for many start-up companies. To meet the sector requirements, SRB has a specialized team of industry experts who focus on the manpower requirements of the electrical equipment, electronics manufacturing sector for India and the Asia Pacific region. We have the required experience as well as network to assist clients in getting the right candidates

Load Data Analysis
Substation & Switchyard Design
Industrial automation
Secondary & Tertiary power supply
Electrical Distribution Architecture
Metering , Control & Protection
Lighting Design – Internal & External
Intelligent Lighting Control
Earthing system
Lightning Protection
Energy conservation/Energy management

Off–Grid Solar System
Grid-Tie Solar System
Solar Power Plant 1.0 MW to 10.0 MW

Our work reflects an enduring commitment to sustainability and the belief that design is one of the most powerful tools for securing a lasting competitive advantage. We understand our client’s requirements to both minimise capital costs as well as operational costs.