Energy Systems ESS

The world’s dependence on non-renewable sources of energy can cause an energy crisis in the future. Using a renewable source of energy from tides, wind, or the sun can become the ideal alternative. The point is to use resources with no chances of depletion and can constantly renew them. Among the different options, solar energy has become the most focused and widely used. While these renewable sources of power have no impact on the environment and are renewable, they are not available all the time. Therefore, it is important to store solar power during the day to use it when needed. Here’s where the concept of battery storage gains importance.

mini grid with energy storage systems



SRB Power India has planned to develop a successful way to store solar energy in the battery system. It helps the use of solar energy on overcast or rainy days when the solar system may not produce the power needed. Instead of accessing the grid, you can pull the needed power from the batteries. Unlike the lead-acid batteries used, the company focuses on expanding its scope to Energy Storage Systems (ESS). Such effective and friendly solutions by incorporating solar energy with storage can provide you with an uninterrupted power supply 24 hours a day. The dedicated team works to excel in the battery technology field. The self-owned manufacturing setup is the step towards achieving this goal of offering clean power to everyone.

Gaining energy from various renewable resources has become easy but, storing the same and reusing uninterruptedly is yet another scope for future business opportunity. Marking its presence, the company has planned to develop a mechanism to store this energy in the form of Li-ion batteries, unlike the prevailing lead-acid batteries, thus expanding its scope in the field of ESS- Energy storage systems. The company aims to provide friendly solutions to incorporate storage with solar energy to provide 24 hours uninterrupted power supply and become a leader in battery technology, establishing self-owned manufacturing set up.

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