With increasing electricity costs, the common manis besieged with problems. At times like this, it is vital that we turn to alternative energy sources that are sustainable and cheaper in the long run.

One such alternative is solar power. When done right, and purchased from firms like SRB Solar, solar panels can be of great use in cutting costs. Solar panels have an incredibly high life span and require low maintenance.

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They can be used in conjunction with your regularelectricity supply. You can run all household appliances like refrigerators,motors, AC, TVs, etc. via this power supply.

To take full advantage of solar power, it is recommended that you go for an ON Grid system with net metering. This system makes use of IoT features to send you a detailed report of energy generation and consumption.

Another feature is the net metering facility.When excess power is produced by solar panels, it is returned to the grid. Thisway, you only have to pay for net units consumed (power imported fromgrid-power exported to the grid) and can enjoy electricity bill reductions.

What’s the advantage of preferring On Gridsystems?

●    If done via companies like Unify Solar, their executives will be constantly monitoring your solar cell efficiency to ensure it is working well. Any issues crop up, they’ll be right there, fixing it up, in a jiffy!

●    You get higher efficiency in this system compared to its twin, off-grid systems. Higher efficiency = Greater savings!

●    Transparent access to your data.You can check via a mobile application, the performance of your solar panel,even when you’re on the go.

●    Details like current power generation, current day’s total generation, monthly generation, life time generation, and efficiency rates are all available at your fingertips.

●    Unify Solar allows for IoT accessvia WiFi or SIM-based data(Remote monitoring). You get the flexibility to choose your preferred method.

Here is a small example of how much savings onecan accrue from a solar unit plant. A system with a 1 KW capacity will churnout 1400 units a year. Such a system would cost between Rs 50,000-Rs 60,000 as a one-time installation fee.

Let’s assume you purchase a 2 kW On-grid solarpanel system. That would translate to 2800 units a year. Now, take Rs 8 as the average cost per unit in your State, for your consumption. The math would showus that you’ve saved close to Rs 22,400 a year, just by switching to a solar panel system. In 3-4 years, you’ve recouped your initial cost and are now generating positive returns over the panel cost. And to think a solar plant lasts for 20-25 years on average! Neat, ain’t it?

A great feature of solar panels is their low maintenance requirements. It can keep going on without a hitch for years.Thanks to Unify Solar’s range of skilled and professional technicians, they’llbe at your door in a moment’s notice, should any inconveniences arise.

choose only a reputed solar firm, like SRB Solar, for your solar energy needs since they go an extra mile to ensure smooth functioning of the system.  Unify Solar is also enrolled with IPGCL, allowing you bonus subsidies in Delhi. With installations of over 5 MW systems done across India, you are in safe hands!

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